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From Chaos to Tranquility...

Colleagues Working in Office

Discovery & Systems Analysis

This is the most important step that will help ensure our mutual success. 

With your guidance, I will identify where your data is stored and how it's currently being used.

Most importantly, we will assess how all of the different pieces currently talk (or not talk) to each other.

Do you know which automations are running and how efficient they are? In this phase, we’ll analyze the tools you’re currently using and which ones we want to add.

User Story

When we look at your current world - what is the overall narrative?

What are we trying to achieve, and is it being achieved? What is currently working? What is not? 

Writing on Glass
Writing on Glass


I will provide you with a detailed written synopsis based on our conversations and my analytical overview of what we think is working, what is not working, and my proposed solutions and path forward.

Design & Build!

This is when the action truly starts... 

We review your feedback to my analysis, I listen and offer guidance or proposed changes or additional needs, and once, and only once, you feel 110% confident that we are on the right path together, I simply get to work! 

Depending on the agreed scope, it can take me as little as 1 week to implement the proposed solutions or reports. 

Office employee
Professor & Students


Once all systems are go and you and all the key stakeholders are content with what has been implemented, I will work closely and diligently with your team to ensure a smooth transition to the new (and much improved!) solutions in place.

This will entail proper training and documentation creation, admin or manager training, and a concise list of links and users that I will provide in a well-documented and secure format, accessible only to you and any personnel directly approved by you for access. 

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