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"Getting systems talking to each other"

In one sentence, that is what I enjoy doing.

I help fast-growing startups and established businesses create and improve systems that enable humans to do human work by getting computers to do computer work.

I spent the vast majority of my career as being "the go-to guy" for these things.

This mixture of tech & business experience quickly led me to managing sales and operations teams for several companies.

I have learned how to see the big picture of how a company operates and how all the little pieces need to fit together, in order to create streamlined business processes.

I’m confident that I can solve just about any riddle or problem you send my way.

If your current systems aren’t working FOR YOU, then look no further - I’m here to help!

Boutique Service

Hands-on and personalized systems Integration services, and process & systems-analysis and optimization.

Spirer Tech Solutions Client Testimonial

Spirer Tech Solutions Client Testimonial

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